Better pass accuracy rate than Kounde & 5 other stats suggest selling Zouma a bad idea

The 26-year-old could be involved in a player-plus-cash deal with Sevilla, or sold to another club, with money from his sale funding the Kounde transfer.

However, selling Zouma could be a mistake: he is a quality defender who has proven it in the Premier League.

Here are stats that could make the Blues reconsider selling Kurt.

Zouma has made only one mistake leading directly to a goal in 99 Premier League appearances.

Kurt is a very decent short passer, making 1522 accurate short passes; only Azpilicueta (1600) and Silva (1690) completed more than him last season.

His passing completion rate is slightly better than that of Kounde (90.87 per cent v 90.11 per cent), and that includes superior long ball accuracy (57.59 per cent v 52.15 per cent).

Additionally, Zouma is a big threat in the opposition box. He scored 5 goals last season, 2 more than Rudiger, Christensen, Azpilicueta and Silva combined.

And many fans on Twitter think Chelsea should think twice before selling Kurt.

Sylvia de Mars: “Chelsea really doesn’t rate Zouma as they should. By both the stats and the eye test, he’s the best ‘younger’ CD we have, and it’s wild to me that that’s apparently a minority opinion.”

D’Angelo: “Zouma does more with the ball than them all, look at the stats mate, forward passes, long passes, pass completion , plus he’s an unstoppable ball carrier, add that to actual defending where he is king.

“He’s a better CB all round…”

Chelsea playmaker: “For me, Zouma’s attributes makes him indispensable. Quick, strong, can clearly put in tackles, good aerially. This is everything a defender should be before you even consider their progressive passing stats.”

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