Brag about your friends to people who could offer them opportunities. Referrals can open doors where otherwise selling yourself is a tremendous uphill battle.

Brag about your friends to people who could offer them opportunities. Referrals can open doors where otherwise selling yourself is a tremendous uphill battle.

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  1. I do this all the time for capable friends and colleagues! Talent and cultural fit are hard to find in recruiting so if I can gain a reputational bump in the process, why not refer someone?

    However, this is a two way street so be careful who you refer. You can end up indirectly tarnishing your reputation for a bad referral/rude interviewer as well. Reputations are more fragile than most realize.


    Edit: Thank you kind strangers for the awards : )

    On a last note, the world is getting smaller and smaller, you’ll never know if you’ll run into a former coworker or a future boss. Treat people kindly and make sure to have a healthy outlet to channel your frustrations and cynicism (ie. hard metal karaoke).

  2. You can go further than this. Don’t be embarrassed to ask friends if they can help guide other friends / relatives.

    Obviously don’t expect your friend to give them a job and pay them a million bucks.

    Most people actually enjoy helping others, especially if the help is free advice from their own experience. I regularly tell my friends and former colleagues that I’d be happy to make the introductions needed to help them or their loved ones out.

    Referrals and advice a very powerful and free to us. However use them wisely, because the person you’re putting forward rests on your reputation and if you recommend a nut case, your next recommendations might not be acknowledged.

  3. My three best friends are a broadway actor, a muckymuck at Google, and a self-made millionaire.

    I’m a mailman.

    Hopefully they’re bragging on me because none of the people I deliver mail to will ever be able to further their careers in any way.

  4. I once got a call from one of my old college professors to teach a robotics class to highschool students.

    I couldn’t take the job because reasons, but my roommates’ boyfriend was about to graduate with CS and math degrees. He hadn’t had any internships during his time, because of two strong stem degrees.

    So I told my professor about him, they talked for a week, and he got the position. He later put it on his resume, and because of it, he now works for IBM making more than me.

  5. Additional LPT: Brag about your friends often and to everyone. Be proud of your friends and their accomplishments. You will feel good, your friends will feel good, and the people you brag to will feel good. All around wins!

  6. Did this just the other day.

    Had a friend who lost his job recently and my dad works to a big company with his own team.

    My dad and that friend talked when he was over and they knew each other and even had the other’s phone number. (Got the number for a ride to my house once).

    My dad was talking to me, asking me if I would do a second university so he could hire me because he was in urgent need of someone with very specific skills.

    I just looked at him and said “dad, that friend of mine does exactly that”.

    Next week my friend messaged me “hey, your dad talked to me and I have an interview on the company he works!” A few days later he messaged “I got the job!”

    My dad simply put two and two together and hired my friend, because of how well I talked about him and his skills. (Of course, not only because he is my friend, they did a serious interview and his skills were what they needed, could’ve been anyone).

  7. Dear people of r/outside, everybody on reddit is awesome, you should totally give them ample opportune!

    Aaaand, done. Yw guys!

  8. This has helped me so much in my career. I worked part time in college all 4 years for a grocery store and had a good relationship with the district manager. When I graduated, I left the company and worked for another company briefly before going to grad school.

    She connected with me on LinkedIn and reached out and said that she thinks I would do really well as a district manager for the company and encouraged me to apply and said she would put in a recommendation.

    I was with the company for several years before leaving but it really catapulted my career. All because an old boss from college reached out.

  9. Getting your friends jobs helps build your own network when you need it. This is a great tip. It’s also nice to be proud of the people you surround yourself with. It makes you look humble to delegate praise.

  10. I have a negative reaction to this — a person I know got a bunch of their friends hired in my department and adjacent ones, and now we have a handful of people who don’t deserve the jobs they have and if you piss off one of them it will ripple through other departments

  11. This type of post always seems to me like someone who’s mad that their friends don’t support their dreams. It’s not a life pro tip.

  12. Man I am feeling this so hard right now. My old supervisor and I casually talk and I had let her know I was looking for a new position and changing my career trajectory. She casually met with someone at a networking event and brought me up. Supervisor put me in touch with that person, whose company is hiring, and I applied listing the secondary contact as my referrer. Long story short the interview went great, they came up significantly from their hiring range to match another offer (that was also passed to me by word of mouth), and I just completed the background check info today.

    Due to the nature of this position I had to provide 10 years of employment history and one company is no longer in existence. I had to dig up a contact and ask a former chair member to vouch for me. The third party performing the check emailed me separately to say how highly he spoke of me and how high of a complement she sees his voucher as due to his title and current position.

    I feel deeply, deeply grateful for these two people, and probably won’t ever forget it.

  13. I’m the refered – happened this week. Old boss reached out to my friend (all of us worked together previously) about an office admin job at her sisters work. I sent my resume last Friday and got the job yesterday.

    I’ve been unemployed for a year so this is a nice welcoming and I’ll be kicking ass as usual not to let my old boss down.

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