Get in the practice early on of bending your knees when bending over and lift objects.

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Just a standard recommendation. I suffer from chronic back pain due to using improper lifting techniques early on in life.

It’s very simple to get get into a routine to prevent future issues. Just bend your knees. Lift with your legs and not your back.

That’s all. Take care.

Edit: See also this snippet from regarding the pressure applied to your back when using improper lifting techniques:

The amount of force placed on your back under certain conditions can be surprising. Anytime you bend or lean over to pick something up without bending your knees, you put tremendous pressure on your lower back.
Think of your back as a lever. With the fulcrum in the center of the lever, it only takes ten pounds of pressure to lift a ten pound object.
However, if you shift the fulcrum to one side, it takes much more force to lift the same object. Your waist actually acts like the fulcrum in a lever system, and it is not centered. In fact, it operates on a 10:1 ratio. Lifting a ten pound object actually puts 100 pounds of pressure on your lower back.
When you add in the 105 pounds of the average human upper torso, you see that lifting a ten pound object actually puts 1,150 pounds of pressure on the lower back.
Given these figures, it is easy to see how repetitive lifting and bending can quickly cause back problems. Even leaning forward while sitting at a desk or table can eventually lead to back-related problems

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  1. Now I’m sitting here trying to recall if I usually bend my knees when I lift something or I don’t lol

  2. As a heavy eqipment rigger in his 50s, i understand the need to properly lift. But the fact is, very few heavy objects allow this proper lifting technique. Without proper handles in the correct position, you simply cannot maintain balance when lifting.

    I definately do reccomend squaring up to object before lifting, when I hurt my back its usually because my back was slightly twisted while lifting.

  3. I can recommend Combining being tall with wearing skirts, you’ll learn real quick to bend your knees when picking something up :’)

  4. Including laundry baskets! People do not realize how heavy laundry baskets (especially large ones) full of dirty laundry are.

  5. I never bend my knees cuz it stretches my hamstrings. Unless you’re lifting something heavy then you should definitely bend your knees and keep your back straight

  6. Bend over and grab the object. Put an elbow on a knee and use your leg for support. Heavy objects can be lifted to the opposite leg where you can use that for support while you straighten up. Somewhat awkward but definately a back saver.

  7. Look up at the sky when you bend and lift, it forces your back into the right posture. Look back down before you start walking though.

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