6 Steps To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

Step 1


Step number one is for you to follow the employer on social media.

Specifically, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the must-haves. But additionally, check out and see if they’re on Twitter, if they’re on Instagram, even Snapchat, I want you to stalk their social media profiles.

Why do I want you to do this? Well, companies today understand that in order to attract the best talent, they need to market themselves. We call it employment branding and more and more companies are doing this these days so that you can get a 360-degree view of what it’s like to work there.

This is valuable information, it’s not only going to help you prepare for interviews, help you understand the company, help you know what to say when you talk to them. But even better, you can eventually have a dialogue with these employers, right through social media.

Think about it, that’s what social media is for.

Now I want you to imagine that you follow these companies and you start liking and sharing some of their posts. Think about when a total stranger likes and shares your stuff on social media, what do you do? You go check them out, right?

You want to see who they are, what are they about. Well, the same thing happens with employers.

When you start liking and sharing their posts, their social media manager is paying attention. And eventually, you could direct message or even tweet or whatever it is and say, hey, I’m a fan of your company and I’m curious if you have any advice on how I could stand out when I apply for a job.

Don’t think you’ll get a response? You are wrong, I know for a fact you will. In fact, I did an experiment on this last year, specifically on Instagram. I followed a bunch of companies and then I asked them for tips on how to stand out in the application process.

They responded, they were excited and they even shared that information with me. So no excuses here folks, social media, we’re all used to using it, why can you use it when it comes to connecting with employers.

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