6 Steps To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

Step 4


Step number four is about where to apply for the job.

Because a lot of companies today will have the same job posting in many different places. Some people are spending their time on some of the old job boards like Indeed, Jobberman, job blogs, etc. There are too many people on them, there are too many applications going through them. (Though they still work!)

We’re talking about trying to make your application stand out. So believe it or not, there are three places where you should look, and in this order.

First I want you to go over to Glassdoor.

Glassdoor is the number two, fastest-growing job site in the world.

And the reason for that is that companies know that anybody who goes to their Glassdoor page is really studying them and thinking about working for them. So if they have a job posting there, and you apply, it’s two times more likely that you’re going to get a response from them because they’re very focused on the talent that is applying through their channel.

That’s really important, you want somebody, a human eye to take a look at your application. So Glassdoor would be my first step.

If they don’t have a job posting on Glassdoor I want you to go over to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the number one professional development platform and a lot of recruiters use this platform as well. So if they have the job posting there, once again, it’s more likely that a human eye will see it.

And then third, if they don’t have a job posting on Glassdoor or LinkedIn, go over to their actual company website and apply through their career page.

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