6 Steps To Apply For A Job Online (And ACTUALLY Get An Interview)

Step 6


The last step is actually connecting with people at the company.

Once you’ve filled out this application process, you still want to be able to find somebody to connect with. And there are two ways that you can do this.

First, you can go on social media sites like LinkedIn and take a look and see if you can connect with somebody at the company. That’s called a second-degree connection.

Now if you don’t know anybody, the next step would be to find either somebody in recruiting or HR or even the department head of the job that you’re applying to.

And you could again, start to look for this on channels like LinkedIn. And what you want to do is ask those individuals to connect with you, via LinkedIn. You should customize that connection request and say “Good day, Mr. XYZ, I came across your profile while I was researching XYZ company, I’d love to connect“.

In that introduction, don’t get into the specifics of the fact that you applied for a job and you want to talk to them. Just tell them why you admire the company. And that’s because you only have 300 characters when you ask for a connection request on LinkedIn.

Now once you’ve connected, then you can send the person an In-mail, and that’s where you would say “hey, I’m a huge fan of the company, attached is a cover letter where I explain why I’m so passionate and why I’d love to work there someday. I recently applied for the XYZ job and I would be incredibly grateful if you could give me any advice or guidance on how I can better stand out and eventually earn a position with your company“.

Again, at this point, you’re asking this recruiter, HR manager, or hiring manager, very specifically to take a look at your story about why you feel connected to the company and seeking advice on what you can do to stand out.

You’re not asking them for the job, you’re not asking them for the interview, you’re asking them for the insight in terms of what you can do to earn that interview. Be subtle & respectful and this will make a difference in terms of whether or not they respond to you.

Now, why do I want you to do this? Because it’s going to allow them to go over to the applicant’s tracking system, pull your application from the pile and take a look at you. And that’s what we’re trying to make happen, right?

So you can see this last step in the process is key in order to connect all the dots and increase the chances that you get that interview.

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