If you find yourself in a conversation, and you can tell the other person doesn’t know your name, drop your name in a third-person anecdote for them.

Work your name into a conversation seamlessly. For example, you can say: My wife is always yelling at me – “Joe, bring out the garbage.” This will help them remember your name in future too.

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  1. So I was talking with my idiot friend and he was like “What’s your stupid name again?”, and I said “It’s Joe you dick. It’s always been Joe, and it always will be Joe.”

  2. This would be the perfect time to give yourself a fake name and then mercilessly shame them when you tell them the truth 5 years later.

  3. IMO better LPT is: If you forgot the name of the person you’re talking to, work up the courage to admit it and ask their name again. Also if someone asks for your name more than once, don’t get offended. Some people remember others by their voice or face more than by their name.

  4. This also works if you have a name that isn’t always pronounced correctly, and gives the other person a chance to hear your name the way you would prefer to have it sound.

  5. My old coworker called me Candace, my name isn’t even close. I would literally say my name in a third person way all the freaking time around him. He didn’t get it…other coworkers would yell my name in front of him…he didn’t get.

    Moral of the story, some people are just assholes and don’t care to know your name so don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t bother learning your name!

  6. I hooked up with this girl that I met at a friend’s birthday party and we went to grab something to eat before going back to her place.

    I totally had forgotten her name, and while we were talking during our meal she said “I want to go on to get a PHD just so I can have the title of Dr [name]”. I’m pretty sure she said it mostly to make sure I knew her name, and I very much appreciated it.

  7. “So you remember my friend Joe? Yeah met him today, was pretty strange, he kept on talking about himself in 3rd person.”

  8. This problem literally doesn’t exist in Australia.

    If I don’t know your name, thats fine, your name is mate.

    Now we are friends.

  9. why not just skip the whole thinking of an anecdote thing and just say “my name is joe by the way”

    it works the other way around too: “hey i forgot your name”

  10. Meh. I’ve so gotten over being embarrassed about asking people to tell me their name if I’ve forgotten.

    Just be honest and tell them you’ve forgotten and to tell you their name.

  11. I just tell them im sorry(genuinely) I forgot their name and ask them again and 50% of the time they say they forgot mine as well, even if theyre just being polite

  12. Or, accept that awkward moments like forgetting a person’s name are a natural part of life, and trying to push them away just makes them come back later with increased awkwardness.

  13. I tap my scrotum in morse code on a small drum I carry for this very occasion.

    You gotta know morse code though, or enjoy hearing a small drum played by my fine scrotum

  14. No thank you, I’d rather converse with people the normal way. And forgetting someone’s name is normal, just ask them again. There’s no need to make this any more complicated than it is.

  15. I’m not sure I can think of any way of randomly dropping my name into a conversation using the third person without sounding like a complete bellend

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