If you put something down temporarily, say out loud “I’ve put the screwdriver by the microwave” or whatever. This engages many more areas of the brain (particularly the language centers) which creates a richer memory making it less likely you’ll forget where you put it.

If you put something down temporarily, say out loud “I’ve put the screwdriver by the microwave” or whatever. This engages many more areas of the brain (particularly the language centers) which creates a richer memory making it less likely you’ll forget where you put it.

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  1. Serious question, does the brain have a better chance of remembering the louder you say it?

    Like if I shouted “THE CHICKEN WILL EXPIRE IN ONE DAY” would that make me more likely to remember?

  2. I used this technique when I started taking a my blood pressure medicine. I could never remember if I had taken it and my girlfriend suggested saying, “I’m taking my BP pill” as I took it. It works!!!

  3. I read elsewhere on Reddit that looking at an item and pointing at it works, too, if you’re in a situation where randomly busting out placement declarations is not appropriate.

  4. My boyfriend and I would always say, “Remind me about [whatever it was]” because telling the other one to remind us always helped us remember. He passed away almost two years ago. I still ask him to remind me about things. It weirdly does help.

  5. My girl does this with her flat iron.

    She says” i unplugged the straightener”
    I used to repeat it back to her just to be funny….
    Which morphed into me saying
    ”his name was Robert Paulson”(fight club reference) every time she unplugs the flat iron.

  6. I did this when repaying a loan from a friend. “Here we are, in the living room of your house on a Sunday, and I’m repaying the $20.00 I borrowed.” This helps change a conversation that goes like this. “You still owe me $20.00.” “No, I paid you back.” “I don’t think so.” “Yeah, I totally did.” “Well, whatever, I don’t think you did, but if you think you did, that’s cool.” “No, I don’t THINK I did, I did.” and replaces the conversation with one that goes like this, “You still owe me $20.00.” “No, I paid you back Sunday at your house. Remember? We were in your living room and I said, *Here we are, in the living room of your house on a Sunday, and I’m repaying the $20.00 I borrowed*.” “Oh yeah! Sorry about that!”

  7. If only I could remember to do that.

    If you lose something after all, make sure you search with a flashlight, even if there is enough light. It forces you to look in one small area at a time and notice everything in it, instead of blipping past the thing you’re looking for.

  8. i lock my doors before going to bed while saying that i do this. It has reduced my ‘getting out of bed in the middle of the night to check on the doors’ drastically!

  9. Something similar when driving. If you are checking to see if a road is clear to enter and you see a bicycle or motorbike say “bike” to yourself. In the split second your brain checks the rest of the road it’s possible to forget seeing the bike because we’re accustomed to looking for cars. Saying “bike” reinforces the memory.

  10. At work (I drive trains) we are strongly encouraged to do this, for us it’s called risk triggered commentary, the idea is exactly as OP said, keeps it fresh in your mind. So in a situation where risk is involved, you would remind yourself of that risk (for example, saying to yourself “the next signal is at danger”) so that you don’t daydream and forget about the approaching danger/ risk and have an incident. The most common for a train driver in the UK being a SPAD (signal passed at danger). So at every signal that isn’t green we will constantly remind ourselves what’s coming up. Can apply to any risk involved in the job as well but that’s it’s most common use for us.

  11. I do this with my garage door. Well when I’m with my boyfriend. I always remember to close it, he never remembers me closing or himself closing it. So now when we pull out of the garage I’ll say “the garage door is closed” out loud. It’s really helped cut down on the number of times we’ve had to make a u-turn back home to be sure bc ole dummy can’t recall properly.

  12. I do this to remember if I locked the door and set the alarm before going to bed. Otherwise I get in bed and always forget

  13. My old boss used to lock up and ask me to tell him he locked up while punching him in the arm. That way, he’d remember when he got home.

  14. I do this all the time when I run laps on the track. I always have to say the number of the lap I just completed otherwise I’ll forget by time I’m done with the next one.

  15. I started doing this after I lost my gloves at work multiple times. If I don’t do this when I set them somewhere, they fall out of this dimension.

  16. I am very good at tricking my brain into finding something by purposely looking for something else I’ve lost …. Never find what I’m actively looking for, but always find that other thing I was looking for at another time…. You know….

  17. Tried this and now I can’t find my car keys. I only remember that my screwdriver is by the microwave. (I checked and the screwdriver is NOT by the microwave either!) 👎

  18. My psychology professor told us that you don’t have to actually say it but if you say it in your head in your voice it’s basically the same thing I’m sure hearing it actually out loud works better but if you’re somewhere like the middle of the office you might not want to say it out loud

  19. I couldn’t find a good link, but in The Long Kiss Goodnight, Samuel L Jackson’s character has a tune for these things. “Ba dun dun dun dun, put the keys in my front pocket, wallet in the back, Ba dun dun dun dun.” It helps me, but I have to remember to remember this…

  20. I’d love to add that this is sooo important if you have young children. Verbally saying what you are doing when your children are around, greatly improves their vocabulary and overall Language skills.

  21. Yes! Totally true. I discovered this having a toddler around, I started recounting everything I was doing for language learning purposes. ‘I’m going to cut up the tomatoes and put them in the pan.’ Toddler spends entire day pulling things out and carrying them somewhere else. I put them back while saying what I’m putting where. I have masterised locating everything in the house. It lasts for months.

  22. I’m terrible at remembering names so I do a version of this – after asking a name once I’ve forgotten and explained I’m terrible at names , I’ll point to them and say their name 3 times out loud. Bonus if you can remember an anecdote or something at the same time, somehow making a point of saying it 3 times helps me remember.

  23. Thats really helpfull because of my adhd i forget and lose my stuff alot even tho i had been holding it like 5 min ago

  24. I have to do this because I’m pregnant, and somehow I’ve developed a severe mental handicap… I can’t even read anymore, because I literally forget what I just read 5 minutes ago and can’t follow the story. Baby brain is too fucking real…

  25. I’ve also heard that if you want to remember something, tell it to your pet. You’re more likely to remember something by remembering that you told it to them versus either in your head or just out loud.

  26. I do this when washing knives. I’ll call out “three knives in” as they go in the water. Both to remind me (even if it will be a few seconds) that there are knives in the water and so I don’t miss one.

    Also never leave knives in the sink.

  27. Love it! I started doing this recently. It’s my last resort method of remembering something if I’m in a hurry. A bit more reliable is throwing something on the floor or counter that normally would never be there.

    For ex I walk by a pair of sunglasses in the middle of the hallway floor, and think wha?… Oh yeah finish writing the final Book of Ice and Fire.

  28. So is this why I can remember things better when I tell someone “you may have to remind me later because I easily forget things”

  29. I use to do this before I had my anxiety meds sorted out. Saying things like “the stove is off” helped me stop worrying all day about the stove being on.

  30. I do this sometimes. My area has a service that sends out an automated text the day before garbage or recycling collection day. I used to always forget to put out the trash the next morning, though, because that text was a whole day earlier and long gone from my mind. Now as soon as I get that text, I announce out loud, “Tomorrow is garbage day” and I usually remember to put the bin out.

    I just never remember to use this method for anything else.

  31. when I was in younger I used to do this all the time at work “im going in the walk in for some strawberries” saying it would help me remember, but then when I still forgot someone could let me know.

  32. After I unplug my hair straightener/curling iron I say “UNPLUGGED!” out loud, otherwise I will worry about it after I’ve already left the house 🤣

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