Introverts, no one is looking at you, no one cares. Once you realize this, it’s very freeing.

Introverts, no one is looking at you, no one cares. Once you realize this, it’s very freeing.

If you walk into a room and people look up and stare, it’s only because the eye is attracted to bright, shiny, objects, and you happen to be that at that moment. That’s it and nothing more.

The world is not examining you on a constant basis, people are just trying in their own way to get through their day.

Once you are able to take the focus off yourself, you’ll realize that the cortisol shooting through your system is a false alarm, and just let it wash over you.

Find yourself in a conversation?, try focusing on making the other person comfortable. Become the person that puts other people at ease. Your calm energy will help someone else who might be struggling to calm down as well.

Realize some people are very damaged, and it’s not you, they bring lots of baggage that they haven’t worked out into every interaction. You’ll learn to recognize these people and realize it’s not you that’s making things uncomfortable.

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  1. this is more for anxious people than introverts. they’re not the same thing.

    introverts don’t stay inside because they’re worried about being judged. introverts stay inside because that’s what they enjoy doing.

    if this sort of concern is keeping you inside, you’re not necessarily an introvert, but you clearly have anxiety.

  2. Yeah, this is a social anxiety thing and not an introvert thing.

    As someone iwth social anxiety, all I can say is that I’m in my own head all the time and yet still have time to be judgey towards other people, and I can’t imagine that’s some superpower that only I have.

    So I will always be a little anxious in social situations because of that.

  3. I’m well aware of that. Being around people doesn’t really bother me, it can just be a little exhausting at times. I like hanging out and going out, I’m actually pretty social. But I need some quiet time to recharge. Also, given the choice, I’d probably choose to stay in because I like being alone.

  4. Extroverts – noone cares – your need for attention is toxic, and once you realize this it’s freeing for everyone around you.

    See how dumb that sounds?

    Introversion is not a problem. Neither is Extroversion.

    The problem is people like you conflating social disorders and anxiety issues with personality traits.

    Willing to bet you’re a *just get OVER it* kind of person.

    This isn’t an LPT this is just an example of misguided naivete.

  5. That’s not how any of any of that works, I suggest you do a lot more research if you are going to try and pass off advice to others.

  6. I think you’re thinking of folks with social anxiety.
    Introverts are people who don’t need much social contact to be happy, so we don’t give much of a fuck about what others are thinking.

  7. I’m an introvert but I don’t have any problems with social situations. I get my energy from being alone and in my controlled environment but that doesn’t mean I’m awkward at a bar. This post is a bit off I think.

  8. Hey stupid, yeah you the OP, introverts are not scared of large groups of people. Introverts are not afraid of going to a concert of 40,000 or a bar of 20. That is called social anxiety you stupid.

    LPT: Know what you are talking about.

  9. Life became much easier when I learned this. Works better if you act like you belong there/know what you’re doing

  10. This was such a freeing conclusion. I tortured myself for a good part of my adult life , judged myself WAAYYY to harshly, held myself to unachievable standards, and basically made myself sick with anxiety. Fast ford to my late. 40’s and I looked around and realized no one GIVES a FUCK. Give yourself a break ,love yourself. As long as you are not hurting anyone , breaking any laws or intentionally deceiving someone no one really cares.

  11. I remember when I first realized this. I was 13 having a panic attack in the middle of the hall way during class hours. I was a little emo kid crying and shaking against the wall and NOBODY even looked me. Soon after I got into the habit of skipping class because I knew no one would even notice me out of class. Helped me to realize that most my social anxieties were unrealistic. No- they aren’t listening to your conversation or making fun of your hair- they’re in their own little world.

  12. That’s not what it’s about. It’s because people exhaust us. Most of us don’t give two shits if people look at us.

  13. LPT: introversion has nothing to do with an inability to be around people, or even publicly speak. It’s more a question of whether you find people around a number of people energizing or draining.

  14. what’s that thing when you want to find the answer to something and you do that by posting something incorrect about it on the internet?

  15. They look at you, look at the clock, “hmm… little late today”

    EDIT: “hmmm that was a long break….”
    “hmm… that was a short break”
    “hmm.. Judging….”

  16. Being an introvert or an extrovert is about how you relax after a long period of activity or stress. Introverts want to be alone and do something quiet, extroverts want to be with friends and party. To an introvert, the party is still fun, it’s just not *relaxing*. They still need that time to unwind alone after the party is over.

    It’s not about being shy, or giving a single flying shit about what other people think. Your LPT is valid for people who worry about this sort of thing, but those people are not accurately described by the term “introvert.”

  17. I’m an introvert and I hardly care a thing about how others see me. But it’s still mentally taxing trying to engage in verbal conversation so I remain introverted.

  18. Everyone keeps looking at me! It’s not in my head, they’re actually doing it and it’s making me crazy!

  19. Even when they are looking at you, they don’t care. They are busy thinking about what others think of them.

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