People who had “Abstinence Only” sex education, what was the most outrageous or untrue thing you were told?

People who had “Abstinence Only” sex education, what was the most outrageous or untrue thing you were told?

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  1. Comparisons of Girls Who Have Sex to Objects:

    – Chewed gum (you don’t want to share someone’s chewed gum, do you?)
    – a licked cupcake (this cupcake looks yummy, right? **licks frosting** How about *now?*)
    – unwrapped, dirty gift with ripped up wrapping paper
    – a piece of tape that gets stuck to and then pulled off of a few people until it gets all fuzzy and can’t stick to someone else. (When you have sex with someone, you lose a bit of your “stickiness” each time and eventually you’ll stop being able to “stick” to anyone, meaning you can’t fall in love with anyone after you sleep with a few people)
    – stretched out elastic band that eventually breaks

    As far as I remember, these analogies were only used for girls. The boys were immune to the “problems” surrounding sex.

  2. If a man ejaculates on or near your body the sperm will swim around and find your vagina and you will get pregnant

  3. My teacher said anal sex makes your anus irreversibly loose. She said butt plugs were used by gay men 24/7 to keep their anuses from leaking because they were all loose from anal sex

    I really dislike that woman.

  4. My girlfriends sex Ed program in middle school included a wedding dress that they splattered with red paint

  5. So I’m Irish and Catholic.

    Growing up in Dublin we had church sanctioned sex education, some of the highlights:

    -All penises are the same size when erect (we were 14 and this was hilarious to us)

    -Being gay is just a phase

    -No method of birth control is reliable (including oral sex and body rubbing)

  6. If you are willing to make out with someone, you’ll end up having sex with them because you pass the point of no return on the mountain climb to sex.

  7. The instructor gave all the boys in the class chewing gum and let them chew on it for a few minutes. Then she asked them if any of them wanted to share. Of course none did. Then she asked if they didn’t want to share gum, why would they want to share sex partners?

    This was in a co-ed class so all the girls in the class got to see too.

  8. I was given a diagram of the female anatomy in which the clitoris had been erased– as in someone went into MS paint and whited it out on a line drawing of the exterior of the vulva. The urethra, vagina, labia, anus were labelled, and then at the top of the labia, it was whited out.

  9. Opposite story:
    I went to a Catholic high school. My Health teacher was a progressive. So she closed the door and said “Listen, ok, sure, masturbation is a sin or whatever, but it’s actually fine. You gotta, you know, clean out the pipes once in a while. Now if your friends ask you to go to the movies and your answer is ‘Sorry, gotta stay home and jerk off’ probably step it back a bit.”

  10. That the actual vagina opening is as small as the tip of a pencil. I also never knew women didn’t pee from their vaginas until I was 16. I’m 19 now and learned more from shitposts on the internet than I ever had in school.

    ETA: The amount of people who seemed to not know the latter is… astonishing. Women have urethras and that’s where they pee from. No you won’t accidentally “do it” with the urethra.

  11. I was convinced that saliva was involved in the baby-making process. Not that you’d kiss someone and then *boom* pregnant, but that someone’s saliva over time would make their baby look like you. The more saliva, the stronger the resemblance.

    Long story short I spit in my cousins drinks for a solid 2 months because I wanted her baby (she was pregnant at the time) to look like me (who was 8)

    ETA: this was about 25 years ago, and also I’m a woman! That’s how absolutely terrible my sex education was

  12. The used pair of shoes analogy. Maybe if some people would just wash their damn feet and wear socks the shoes wouldn’t get dirty.

  13. The teacher said that you can only really love one sexual partner and that’s why it’s so important that your spouse be your first and only partner. One of my classmates raised her hand and said, “My mom died when I was a baby and my dad’s been married to my stepmom for ten years. Does that mean he only loves one of them?”

    The teacher just looked uncomfortable and moved on to how premarital sex causes depression.

  14. Went to public school and had real sex ed but had a history teacher who told us that sex before marriage is a sin because every time you have sex you get pregnant and if a kid is born outside of wedlock they are going to hell and we will also go to hell for damning the baby’s soul before it’s even born. She said condoms and any other birth control is an insult to god and a way for athiests to try and outsmart him. She didn’t work there after that year. Wonder why…

  15. This is probably pretty tame, but Sophomore year our teacher told us using multiple condoms at a time increases its effectiveness.

    I then asked my mom the same thing, and her whole job is to teach safe sex to youth.

    Spoiler alert: **do not layer condoms. It sounds good in practice, but you’re actually weakening the condoms and wasting them.**

    Utah’s sex ed policy was/is shit.

  16. This woman once compared a teenage girl who’s had premarital sex as chewed up bubble gum. She then switched the comparison to a pair of worn out shoes. Shit you not.

  17. Condoms don’t always work so it’s better to not use them.

    If you ejaculate on a girl (yes, “on”) she will get pregnant. Regardless of if you had sex or not.

    Boys get so horny sometimes they can’t control themselves. So girls, it’s up to you to remove temptation for the boys.

    Birth control pills disrupt a girl’s hormones so badly she will become barren.

  18. That every time I (a girl) had sex I was giving away a part of my soul. So each sex partner whittled away bits of my soul. If I had sex before marriage my god-given husband would only get a tiny scrap instead of a full half and thus wouldn’t be able to love me as much as he would if I’d waited? Honestly it’s pretty confusing. This was taught in my Christian private school.

  19. we were told that the g-spot and clitoris/female orgasm doesn’t exist and that if your hymen is broken before you are married, you may as well give up because a man would never want you (which is wrong in so many different ways). there was a girl in that class that had been recently raped that just put her head down and started crying in the back of the class. (everyone knew about it somehow, rumors spread quick here) the teacher knew about it and either said it as a dig at her or just said it and didn’t care. he also stated to never use tampons since you ‘basically lose your virginity’ from them. thankfully, high school students are much more aware about these topics now so everyone would make fun of the teacher behind his back and many understandably hated him after his comment about hymens.

    i went to a small (well, large in comparison to the other schools in my state) public school in Idaho. This was also not long ago, if I have to guess it was in 2017-2018?

    on a lighter side note, i can list off a couple funny questions/comments i heard from the boys during that class:

    -women have THREE HOLES??? I’ve been looking up the wrong shit online!

    -i thought that if you had sex in a hot tub you couldn’t get pregnant because the sperm will boil and die

    -30 different versions of ‘i thought girls peed out of their vaginas/butts’ but my personal favorite was “wouldn’t it get annoying to have to take out your tampon every time you needed to pee? i imagine it’s gross to put back in”

    -wait 4-7 DAYS?? i thought it lasted like 20 minutes! damn i’d be pissed too what the hell!

    -you’re telling me i can get a vasectomy and still jack it? why isn’t it done like a god damn flu shot then?

    edit: mobile formatting

  20. 1 – Condoms don’t work. Why? Because sperm are microscopic, STDs are even smaller, and “you think a piece of plastic is going to protect you?”

    2 – The Cookie Analogy. I’m sure there are multiple names for this, but the idea is “who wants to eat a cookie when everyone’s already bitten out of it?”

  21. My church based sex ed claimed that foreplay involved things like reciting poetry to one another or playing the violin together.

    I guess their plan was for us to be so bad at foreplay we’d never have sex.

  22. I just remember this video I was shown in my church youth group of a guy holding a brick over a teen’s head and saying there was a 1% change he was going to smash his face in. He was trying to illustrate how the 99% effectiveness of birth control doesn’t seem so good when put in different terms, but ya know, those are the actions of a psychopath.

  23. Girls and boys had to go to different rooms during sex-Ed. The girls were told that “abstinence is the best option because sex is painful”. The boys weren’t told that.

    I understand that sex can be painful for some people, but pretending sex isn’t a source of pleasure at all for women is flat out wrong and depressing.

  24. I think the kids who asked were just trying to be funny and get a rise out of the teacher (older lady who was a P.E. and volleyball coach), but in any case they asked where AIDS comes from and how to avoid it. And this lady, in the year of our Lord 2010, responds,

    “AIDS is caused by homosexuals. That’s it!”

  25. We had an assembly every year in high school that discussed abstinence. I was told that every time I had sex it released a chemical (maybe Seratonin?) that you needed to bond with your baby. There was a finite amount of this and if you had sex too much before marriage it would waste this chemical and you risk not bonding with your baby appropriately.

  26. Barbie.

    my middle school was predominantly LDS. our sex education didn’t come from a teacher or a health professional; it was one of my LDS classmate’s stay at home mom who taught us about sex.

    instead, she told us about Barbie. see, all of us 12 year old girls in class needed to idolize Barbie. Ken, Barbie’s husband, Ken *never* sees Barbie gain weight after she gave birth to Kelly and Tommy. Ken *never* sees Barbie without her hair done. Ken *never* sees Barbie without makeup on. Barbie is the perfect wife we should all strive to be.

    she also told us not to trust girls who use tampons.

  27. Actual quote from my 9th grade health class:

    “If you have sex, chances are you won’t get HIV. But, chances are you will.”

  28. Giving birth was natural and felt more like “pressure” instead of pain…

    Having sex gave you AIDS (it was the early 90s).

    They weren’t allowed to mention birth control or condoms so when people asked how do you prevent pregnancy we were told “you can’t.”

    Two girls in my freshman health class were actually Sophomores and taking the class late because they were out having babies when they should’ve taken it. So…that’s how well the system worked.

  29. I can’t think of anything cuh-razy, but I think it’s because we generally weren’t told much at all. They tried to scare us – condoms aren’t effective, chances are super high you’ll get an STD or get pregnant, watch this horrific slide show of worst-case-scenario STDs and then watch this video of crying women who regret the abortion they got after getting pregnant from their first sexual encounter.

    But most topics were just vaguely circled. Some super uncomfortable, young youth pastor came and “educated” us, but he would only refer to genitalia as the “underwear zone.” We were able to write questions on a slip of paper to be answered anonymously, but he only read about 10% of them and deemed the rest inappropriate.

    Shocker, we had a lot of teenage pregnancies.

    Edit: Also, to clarify, this was a public school with no religious affiliation. But it was Indiana, so….

  30. We were shown a video where a lady said she could tell if a girl was a virgin just by looking into her eyes. The implication was that premarital sex causes your spirit to die so that you become just a shell with nothing to offer.

    Edit to add: I’m sure you can guess that she didn’t say the same applied for the boys, as if teenage girls are the only ones to blame for anyone having premarital sex.

  31. Being raised in a Catholic country, we actually had “Religion” class in high-school (2 hrs per week). In that class, the teacher (sometimes a priest, sometimes a highly devout teacher) would touch on sex. Here is one thing I heard repeatedly:

    “How will your spouse feel about your love, if you loved so many people before? Will it be as meaningful? It cheapens your love for your spouse”

    Sometimes they would talk about molecular structure of a condom and HIV virus:

    “Don’t have sex even with a condom – the microscopic holes in rubber are 20-100 times larger than HIV virus so you can still get it”

  32. The school loved to teach “Sex will always result in pregnancy, and with abortion being the unforgivable sin you’re damned if you get pregnant, same if you terminate it, and a load of other sh*t…

    They changed things after a kid whos folks knew the teacher asked *if it happens every time, why don’t you have one?*

    (she had been having fertility issues for awhile)

    (*edit* his mother and the teacher knew each other and going to assume he overheard their conversations)


    – Yes the teacher lost her cool and sent him to the office. We never got told anything aside from they were pulling the class? I mean lets be real, it was a small town about 15yrs ago at a religious school, word got out and they had to do damage control.

    – and yes, this kid was ruthless when he wanted to be

    *edit again* Apologies to the folks asking for more stories about him, but I’ll be honest i barely remember anything worth repeating? he was just a middleschool smartass that was good at comebacks and a head office “frequent flyer”.

  33. That a woman’s role in life is to wait for a husband, then dedicate her life to his wishes. Even as a kid, I knew that was fucked.

    The boys were in a separate class, taught by a doctor, and actually learned puberty. The girls were taught by the religion teacher. We only discussed “respecting our husbands”, nothing else.

    That’s when I stopped being Catholic.

  34. My mom once told me that the women in our family are so fertile, a man just needed to shake his underwear near us to get us pregnant.

  35. Condoms have microscopic holes and don’t actually prevent pregnancy and definitely will not stop you from getting AIDS because the virus is so small it will magically go through the latex.

  36. I was taught in school that self pleasure was also a sin. So as a young girl discovering her body, every time I masterbated, I’d cry because I thought I was going to hell.

    I don’t know how many times I prayed to God asking for forgiveness.

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