QUIZ: From thrifting whiz to grade A spendthrift: How good are you with Money? Take Quiz Now!

From thriftin’ whiz to grade A spendthrift: How good are you with Money?

Get ready to discover your spending style and make way for major abundance. Your best next step starts now!

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    A family member surprises you with $200 —how do you spend it?

    • I invest 90% in a green energy start-up.
    • I buy an online course in photography! I love spending to learn skills that could create longterm income.
    • I take my friends out for a wild night on the town!
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    Where do you usually get your breakfast?

    • I usually grab a plate from the vegan restaurant on my way to work.
    • I prepare my breakfast at home
    • Sometimes I make my breakfast at home, but I usually go to my fave restaurant
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    Do you have any financial goals?

    • Number 1: stop living paycheck-to-paycheck. I make okay money, but I never seem to be able to get ahead
    • Ummm… Start paying more than just the interest on my visa bill?
    • Totally! I’ve almost got the down payment for my first house together. Can’t wait to be a homeowner!
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    How often do you order takeout?

    • It’d be easier to count how many times I don’t…
    • Only if I need a treat or I’m crazy busy.
    • No need — I’m all about meal-prepping. Plus delivery charges are so not my thing.
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    What outfit are you most likely to wear?

    • A thrifted midi-dress — shopping used is ethical and inexpensive…
    • A comfy cardigan + printed dress. Zara and H&M are my stylish go-tos!
    • A glam romper with a designer clutch. The right price ain’t always the lowest…
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    How much money do you deserve?

    • I deserve a plush lifestyle — definitely enough money to spend on what brings me joy.
    • Just enough to live comfortably. Having a surplus of cash makes me a bit uncomfortable…
    • Hmm, I don’t know… Honestly, I don’t think much about money.
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    If you had a $1,000,000, how would you spend it?

    • I’d invest in a regenerative fashion company — something I feel excited about + would bring longterm returns.
    • I’d buy a baby blue Lamborghini and drive it straight to Gucci!
    • I’d purchase some high-value property. Maybe a mansion in Santa Barbara… With an infinity pool and tennis court!
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    How did your parents talk about money?

    • No matter how much we had, they made it seem like we were totally broke.
    • Money was sort of a taboo topic in our household. My parents rarely discussed out finances.
    • When we had money, my parents loved to talk about how rich we were. When we didn’t, they complained constantly…
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    What’s your ride of choice?

    • Who pays for gas when you can pedal for free?
    • Comfortable but never over-the-top.
    • Sleek + expensive is so my taste.
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    What’s your retirement fund’s prognosis?

    • My retirement fund is an investment account — I love sitting back and watching it grow!
    • Can we talk about this later? You’re stressing me out.
    • It’s not too shabby. I’ve been putting a bit of money into my savings monthly.

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