QUIZ: Why Are You Still Single?

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Why Are You Still Single?


There’s nothing wrong with being single unless of course, you don’t want to be single. In that case, take this quiz to see why you might still be single.

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    Why did your last relationship end?

    • I’ve never been in a relationship
    • We weren’t the right match
    • It just kinda fizzled out
    • I have no idea, I thought everything was going well
    • I wasn’t happy
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    What would be your ideal first date?

    • Dinner and a movie with drinks afterwards
    • Whatever they want to do is good with me
    • Just hanging out getting coffee or drinks
    • I’d prefer to video chat before actually going out
    • Going to one of your favorite places
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    Where do you like to go when you go out with friends?

    • I prefer to just go to their houses or have them come to mine
    • Concerts, amusement parks, dancing
    • We usually go clubbing or to bars
    • Restaurants, shows, theater, museums
    • I prefer to hang out on my own/don’t have many friends
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    When’s the last time you went out on a date?

    • Last week
    • Last month
    • A few months
    • I can’t remember
    • I’ve never been on a real date
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    What do you do to get ready for a date?

    • Nothing special, they should get to know the real me
    • Freak out a bit and call a friend/look online for advice
    • I spend hours getting ready so that I look my best
    • Do some research on them to make sure they are who they say they are
    • Forget you even have a date planned until they text you
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    How do you find people to date?

    • I go online or wait to be approached
    • I express my interest and let them take the lead
    • I don’t, I let them find me
    • I have more crushes than I do dates
    • Everywhere I go is an opportunity to find someone to date
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    How do you typically spend a night off?

    • I prefer to stay home to rest and relax
    • I try to plan a date or go somewhere I could met someone
    • At the gym
    • Treating myself to something special
    • Out with friends
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    What would you cook for someone you’ve been dating for a while?

    • Nothing, I don’t cook
    • Something simple, I don’t want to mess it up
    • Something to impress them like lobster
    • My specialty that I make often for family and friends
    • Something exotic that they have never had before
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    Which is a deal breaker for you?

    • Someone who doesn’t make a move
    • Living with their parents
    • No chemistry
    • Trying to change me
    • Trying to change me
    • I’m not picky
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    Why do you think you’re single?

    • Just haven’t met the right person
    • It’s hard to meet new people
    • There’s just always something that messes things up
    • I don’t really put myself out there
    • I kinda like being single

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Introverts, no one is looking at you, no one cares. Once you realize this, it’s very freeing.