Take photos of your family doing everyday things every once in a while. When time passes, you will look back at them and be flooded with more remembrance than looking at a posed picture.

Take photos of your family doing everyday things every once in a while. When time passes, you will look back at them and be flooded with more remembrance than looking at a posed picture.

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  1. This. My mom passed away a few years ago, she was ill for several years. Every once and a while my brother sends me photos of us all just hanging out and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the visual reminders of all those small little everyday moments we had.

  2. Grandpa wasn’t too pleased when he saw me taking a picture of him take a shit… Next time be more specific about the activities, please, and save us simple people from some embarrassment.

  3. I always do this with my dog, I just take photos and videos all the time and save them. Just because things aren’t like shareable on social media doesn’t mean that I don’t want them.

  4. I have an old video of my brother just running around the house and filming us doing everyday stuff. 12 year old me was playing call of duty with my friend, my parents were in the kitchen, dog in the back yard chilling, and my neighbor was barbequeing. That video is so priceless to me. Its so strange to watch it because its like you’re there

  5. Natural photos and moments of people living life capture so much more than staged sometimes forced smiles. Good advice

  6. I love looking back at old photos albums of my family because they’re all candid photos. They feel so genuine and special compared to posed or forced photos. It’s like you’re getting a real glance into what life was like at that exact moment. I also love that personalities can really show through in these types of photos.

  7. my beloved Mom passed November ’19. i miss her so very much; almost a year and a half later, and i still cry a couple of times a week for missing her. Every so often, i listen to her saying “love you, sweet girl” in voicemail

    This week, the “My Heritage Deep Nostalgia” AI animator let me create a moving image of her. i combed through several years of images, and just kept trying them one after another (like 15+), til i found one from Xmas’17 that worked well with the AI. When it worked and i caught a glimpse of her smile, it immediately made me cry, rather than analyze how the image wasn’t quite right.

    I have lots of pictures of Mom: we were very close and did all sorts of things together. In her last months, we shared a flurry of every-Saturday activities: farmers markets, a local church’s and farm’s fall festivals, taking her foodie self shopping at her favorite Asian grocers… Those photos are pure gold to me.

    But what i would give now, to have even a brief video, to see her genuine smile… What chagrin, and how i chastise myself for not simply switching to video mode all those times i was taking pix! it would have been so easy!

    So yes Yes YES, take video of your loved ones!!!

  8. Totally agree. I have photos of my mom being silly in her kitchen..dancing about, showing a random thumbs up to the camera and such. She is gone now but her essence is very much alive in these photos rather than the posed ones

  9. They: Hey why are you recording me?

    Me: You know, in case you’re dead, I can see your photos and videos.

    They: GTFO.

  10. I wish my wife was less self conscious about me taking pictures of her. It’s to the point where I just don’t do it any more, and any I do take are heavily posed and picked out of 10+ shots to make sure they look good. Even the ones I’m not going to post anywhere. I want to be able to look back at photos of us all just doing stuff, not just another posed picture,

  11. I do this for all my friends and family and though my gallery is always full, so is my heart.

    Everytime there is the memories notification on any app, I check it out. It’s like the OP said, it’s something to remember the good old times, coz these are the good old times for many of us.

  12. I always like to take pictures of moments. My wife will yell at me because she doesn’t “look her best”, but I tell her just the moment is what I’m trying to lock in.

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