What is ex-Chelsea fan favourite Diego Costa doing now?

Diego Costa is one of football’s most polarizing figures and while his quality is undeniable, controversy has always followed the man wherever he has gone, even at Chelsea.

After a dubious departure from Atletico Madrid, during which his contract was terminated, Costa hasn’t signed for any other club.

Thanks to this, fans have been left wondering what the striker is doing, considering that he is just 32 years of age.

One of the bigger rumours for Costa right now seems to be one that is linking him to Turkish club Besiktas, with their fans already inundating social media with their usual “Come to Besiktas” comments.

Costa was linked with a number of smaller clubs like West Ham and Wolves as such earlier in the year, but the forward turned them down hoping for a ‘European Giant’ to pick him up, according to Goal.

The striker has been at his home in Brazil waiting to make his return but hasn’t gotten the traction he was anticipating.

Costa has been spending his time in Brazil indulging in various activities that he shares on his Instagram profile.

Here is Costa indulging in some adventure sports

And in a wholesome twist, spending time hiking with his friends

He even congratulated Atletico on their title win

And then promptly joined a number of footballers in dropping his own NFT

Whether he returns to the big stage or not remains to be seen, but seeing Costa back in action would certainly be a treat as long as he’s not facing Chelsea!

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