Where is Champions League winner Djimi Traore now?

One of the players with the biggest cult-following at the club, Dijimi Traore was part of Liverpool‘s 2005 Champions League winning side.

While he is often used as an example of the serious disparity between the quality of those Liverpool and AC Milan sides, that is exactly what made him a fan favourite.

With fans often bringing him up and questions looming about what the Champions League winner is up to now, here’s a look.

Following that, he played in Ligue 1 with Monaco and Marseille, before ending his career in Seattle where he is now coaching.

While he is not on Instagram, Djimi is fairly active on Twitter, tweeting about various things.

He can be seen spending time with his family, out of the public eye

And hasn’t forgotten his LFC roots, taking the time to congratulate kitman Graham Carter on his retirement

Although he may have been on the butt end of some jokes about his quality, Djimi remains in football to this day, a respected coach who will forever be a hero for his contribution to helping Liverpool to a miraculous No. 5.

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