Will you continue to wear a mask when the pandemic is over? If so, why?

Will you continue to wear a mask when the pandemic is over? If so, why?

What do you think?

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  1. I work in a dusty nasty warehouse. I would constantly blow black shit out my nose. Now with that mask I never do. I will keep wearing masks at work.

  2. I’m a landscaper, I’m never going back to blowing without a mask. Probably should have in the first place…

  3. Wearing a mask when it’s cold feels great. It’s like a sweater for my face. No chapped lips or dry skin either.

  4. I live in Michigan, my dad and I were just talking a couple weeks ago about how we might keep wearing them through winters because they kept our faces warm against all of the wind.

    Edit, so I can go to bed: Yes, I had a scarf and I know what balaclavas are. Unfortunately my job both requires me to be physically active outside and take client meetings in a quasi-white collar environment, so I can’t wear full face masks. All the movement makes my scarf shift down after a while, wearing a mask is just easier against wind exposure.

  5. They need to figure out how to get them to stop fogging up glasses. None of the commonly suggested methods seem to do the trick for me.

  6. As a New Yorker, I will continue to wear one inside the subway cars and stations. I read this article on the air pollution and it convinced me: [](

    Also, I’ve gone this entire year without coming down with so much as a cold- when normally I get a couple bad ones every winter.

  7. I wear glasses so no, I would like to see signs without the fog. I would wear one if I’m sick though.

    Edit: thank you for the reward, kind stranger.

  8. Sunglasses and masks are my jam. 0 readable interaction. I feel like an alien that’s come for a visit. I’ve found the perfect balance point on my nose where my sunglasses are still on but don’t get foggy

  9. Wearing masks is not uncommon in East Asian countries long before the pandemic, but I feel like in the West you get judged for it. I have allergies and masks help with it and masks also mean I don’t need to wear makeup on a daily basis (I’m not comfortable with my own skin), but I really really miss wearing bright lipstick and smiling at people (and having visible facial expressions in general). So, I’m not sure.

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