“Work clothes” can have a huge impact on your productivity, even working from home.

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“Work clothes” can have a huge impact on your productivity, even working from home.

This applies not just to the work that I am doing on my laptop for my job, but also to yard work and home improvement projects, and cleaning around the house.

Just like putting on PJ’s gets me mentally ready for bed, putting on something presentable for a video conference makes me work better throughout the day.

I have some tattered shirts and jeans and boots that I put on whenever I’m ready to get shit done outside.

I have a grease-stained shirt for working on the car, a cooking apron in the kitchen, paint-covered sweatpants when I’m doing projects on the house.

I have a hard time mentally getting started until I’m dressed for the job.

Sometimes I even have specific music for the task at hand too.

Audiobooks while working, podcast while doing projects, loud favorite music while cleaning, etc.

There’s a lot of stuff going on with me right now and I’m tired of feeling depressed, and these are some of the first steps that work well for me to get off my ass and do something.

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  1. After one year of doing a WFH/office hybrid, I found I am just as productive at home in my underwear all day as I am in work clothes at the office.

  2. This seems to fit the same mold as having a specific room/space for working, as you’ll get in the right “mood” for the tasks.

  3. While I understand the psychology here, and sometimes it works, my work clothes are pretty uncomfortable compared with my casual clothes. Usually any gain I have in mindset is offset by my hyper-awareness that I’m wearing restrictive clothing. I did the dress up to wfh for a while, but my hoodies and sweats make it to where I can just focus on the task at hand.

  4. The crappier and more tired I feel, the more I dress up when working from home. Putting on a shirt makes me feel much more awake and focused so I’m using that placebo effect to the max.

  5. Speak for yourself bud. I work in pjs and i have no idea why id need to get dressed up to sit around alone as a trick to get me to work, that’s what my salary exists for.

  6. Must be why I don’t get anything done when I wear my work clothes. I had a job that paid us to do nothing for a good 2 1/2 months. Ruined me.

  7. This is true. At first it was to let everyone in the household that I was “at work”. Then for couple of days I worked in a t-shirt and soft pants just to see what it would be like and it literally felt like work was intruding on my home life.

  8. The only thing I need for “work mode” is a bra. Doesn’t matter what else I’m wearing as long as I have that bra on. On the other hand, I could be wearing my actual office clothes, but without a bra and I would not be in “work mode.” It’s funny how clothes and setting can impact how we behave.

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