Your work becomes much more manageable when you realize other people’s opinions of you aren’t your business.

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Your work becomes much more manageable when you realize other people’s opinions of you aren’t your business.

I would spend years trying to get coworkers to like me, or prove my worth, or hear if they were gossiping about me

Then it dawned on me, unless it’s your boss, people’s opinions of you aren’t your business. You’ll get further and FEEL BETTER if you stop worrying about it.

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  1. This is fair, but when your boss is taking other people’s opinions of you as fact this can seriously ruin your happiness and career.

  2. There’s an old book titled ” What you think of me is None of my Business” . I remind myself of that from time to time.

  3. “You aren’t at work to make friends, you’re there to work” is what my father always told me. Pretty solid advice when you end up working with a crew of 20 somethings that act like they’re still in middle school -_-

  4. Sometimes your coworkers become your boss, then their opinion matters. Also your reputation will often precede you.

    It all matters, but it doesn’t all matter equally.

    Also it only matters in the context of work. Don’t let it mean more to you than that.

  5. This is true. I would worry so much about how much my coworkers were doing compared to me etc if psyched and stressed me out.

    Once I quit caring and just focused on my work my productivity shot up

  6. I remember when I would walk out of the office area where my co workers were at and would forget my pen. While walking back I would step louder to let them know to stop talking shit if you are. Not because I cared if they were but because we all do, and it was more of a common courtesy gesture.

  7. Thank you for this. I’ve been living in hell for the last week and what you’re saying is my only path. I’ve always tried to be likeable, open, honest and helpful at work. Moving forward its strategy.

  8. Ironically, they will probably like you better when you stop worrying about whether they like you. People just tend to like secure people and dislike insecure people.

  9. There’s a saying I recently learned.

    “In your teens, 20’s, & 30’s you try to impress people. In your 40’s you don’t care what they think of you. In your 50’s you realize nobody cared in the first place.”

  10. This is true, until you are a professional e.g.Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer etc.. Then other’s opinions of you count very much and your bank account will directly reflect on whether people like you or not. Now can you be an asshole professional and make it? Yes, but not with repeat customers or referrals. I’m a dentist everyone hates me already, so I try to focus on; comfort, light hands, empathy, and kindness. Pts definitely can tell the difference when you actually care about them. So in my line of work other’s opinions of me is almost as important as the work I’m doing in their mouths. People may not remember the details of procedures I performed for them but they will remember how I treated them.

  11. Others opinions/views of you can be valuable feedback. It’s on you to discern whether their perspective is worth considering

  12. OP is SO on point with this. There is so much productivity & quality work that isn’t done due to the fact that people care so much about what their coworkers think of them. If you think of your work as something entirely separated from other people, You will find it that you are much more productive

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